MOQ:6 Flask Mittens - Green
Flask Mittens - Green These are not your regular mittens! Apart from keeping you warm, these green mittens keep your drink handy, too. - 4 fl. oz. flask hidden inside - Tethered cap and funnel included - Great as a gift
MOQ:12 Santa's Cap Bottle Opener
Santa's Cap Bottle Opener Open bottles and let the holiday good times roll with Santa's Cap Bottle Opener. 
MOQ:12 Drink Stirrers - Candy Cane
Candy Cane Drink Stirrers Paint the town red and green while drinking your white russian or pina colada in style with the Candy Cane Drink Stirrer.  
MOQ:12 Bottle Opener - Reindeer
Bottle Opener - Reindeer Opening bottles with the Reindeer Bottle Opener makes any occasion more festive. - Made with stainless steel - Durable
MOQ:24 Magic Growers - Snowman
Magic Growers - Snowman The Magic Growers Snowman brings holiday cheer to any room. This magical kit transforms the cardboard into a cute little snowman. - Transforms in 6 hours - Parts and accessories included
MOQ:24 Head Massager: Holiday
Cute and colorful, this Holiday Head Massager keeps headaches at bay.
MOQ:12 Deck Your Desk: LED USB Mini Christmas Tree
Spread the holiday spirit at home or in the office with this LED USB Mini Christmas Tree.                                                                   ...
MOQ:12 Back Scratcher: Holiday
Don't let an itchy back get in the way of holiday cheer with the holiday back scratcher. Scratch even hard to reach areas as it can extend up to 28 inches.
MOQ:24 Magic Growers - Christmas Tree
Watch as the cardboard transforms itself into a Christmas tree, just like magic! Transforms after 6 hours Read and follow instructions          Includes a star, garland, and glitters
MOQ:12 Portable Mistletoe Stick
Take this portable mistletoe anywhere and impress that special someone. - Lightweight and durable - Extends up to 30 inches   - Great for parties
MOQ:12 Make Your Own Snowman Sand Kit
This holiday season, make a snowman that won't melt and crumble thanks to this Make Your Own Snowman Sand Kit. - Non-toxic modeling sand           - Includes 14 accessories
MOQ:12 Instant Ugly Sweater Patches Set
Create a fun ugly sweater for the holidays with the help of this Ugly Sweater Kit. - Includes 6 holiday-themed sweater patches - Easy to use
MOQ:8 Glovin' It: LED Glow Gloves
Equip yourself with glowing fingertips, thanks to these Glovin' It: LED Glow Gloves. - 6 glowing settings - Comes with an on/off switch - Made from cotton and polyester - One size fits most - Batteries included
MOQ:24 Magic Growers - Yeti
The Magic Growers Yeti is an instant conversation piece anytime, anywhere. This magical kit transforms the cardboard into a furry little yeti. Transforms in 6 hours Parts and accessories included
MOQ:12 Holiday USB Wall Plug Huggers
Holiday USB Wall Plug Huggers These cute holiday wall charger covers let you spread the cheer while charging your phone. - Available in Santa Claus and Snowman - Charging cable not included

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